Sketchnotes of articles/webinars (gallery)~ 1 min.

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Are we crazy - a neuropsychological investigation of perfection in testing sketchnoteCucumber in a Microservices Environment sketchnoteInclusive collaboration - how our differences can make the difference sketchnote12 ways to accept yourself sketchnote7 ways to tidy up your test code sketchnoteTesting for DevOps sketchnoteDistilling the essence sketchnote10 SEO-Mythen - was stimmt was stimmt nicht Sketchnote15 Site Architecture Tips For Performance SEO SketchnoteCollaborating with developers - how to guide for qa pros SketchnoteFrom work to family - the experts guide to a low-stress life SketchnoteThe future of SEO (webinar with John Müller) SketchnoteLet's stop talking about testing, let's start thinking about value SketchnoteThe ultimate SEO audit SketchnoteThe path to DevOps Sketchnote

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