Online Marketing Rockstars Festival 2018 – #OMR18~ 2 min.

OMR18 -

It’s kind of a tradition to meet people working/interested in digital marketing and advertising at the Online Marketing Rockstars Festival in Hamburg. Every year lots of visitors join the event to listen to the talks from well-known speakers, to join the masterclasses, to visit the expo booths or to simply do some networking.

This year up to 40.000 people were expected to join the event and with the different stages, like Deep Dive, Big Picture, Main stage or the Masterclasses more than 300 sessions were provided. The speakers are well-known marketeers, influencer or even international stars. Of course there is also a lot of program aside the talks like side events or concerts at the after parties or even in between the conference talks.

The OMR festival is one of its kind and it combines an expo with a conference, so that people from different backgrounds and countries can join the event. If you haven’t been there, you should consider to go there next year.

As you know me, of course I did some sketchnotes – unfortunately I couldn’t visit all of the talks, but at least I covered almost all of the conference itself:

Landing page optimization

Nils Kattau

Landing page optimization #OMR18 -

Five biggest search trends from Google

Some Google employees

Five biggest search trends from Google #OMR18 -

A Journey Through Data and Marketing

Nate Silver

Journey through data and marketing #OMR18 -

Are You Agile?

Mark Rabkin

Are you agile #OMR18 -

A Critical Look at Digital, Advertising and the World Beyond

Scott Galloway

Observations of a bystander #OMR18 -

Creating Brands Around Yourself

Sophia Amoruso

Creating brands around yourself #OMR18 -

Hey Google, what does Marketing of the future look like?

Naomi Makofsky and David Sneddon

What does marketing of the future look like #OMR18 -

Zalando: Über das Wirtschafts- & Marketingwunder unserer Generation

Robert Gentz and Sven Schmidt

Zalando Live Podcast #OMR18 -

Next Up in Programmatic

Brian O’Kelley

Next up in programmatic #OMR18 -

Global Publishing Star from Berlin

David Fischer

Global publishing star from Berlin #OMR18 -

Building a Business Through Social

Kayla Itsines and Tobi Pearce

Building a business through social #OMR18 -

Content that Sticks Out

Tim Urban

Content that sticks out #OMR18 -

The Intelligent Future

Howard Lerman

The intelligent future #OMR18 -

Building Metallica

Lars Ulrich

Building Metallica #OMR18 -

Let me know what you thought of this year’s OMR event and get in touch if you need the sketchnotes in high resolution.

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