Brighton SEO 2017 Sketchnotes Summary~ 1 min.

QA Gary Illyes #BrightonSEO -

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend the Brighton SEO conference, but luckily there was a live stream from the big auditorium. You can find my sketchnotes from most of the talks below:

Tactical, practical keywords research for today’s SEO

Stacey MacNaught

Keyword Research for Today's SEO #BrightonSEO -

Answering the public: How to find the top-notch audience insight in search data and how to apply it

Sophie Coley

Answering the public #BrightonSEO -

Quick and dirty server-side tweaks to improve you SEO

Peter Nikolow

Quick and dirty server side tweaks for your seo #BrightonSEO -

Advanced site architecture

Dominic Woodmany

Advanced site architecture #BrightonSEO -

There is never a „new site“ when there’s history

Dawn Anderson

There is never a new site when there is history #BrightonSEO -

Marketing in 360 degrees

Jes Scholz

Marketing in 360 degrees #BrightonSEO -

Why you should scrap your content budget line

Rebecca Brown

Why you should scrap your content budget line #BrightonSEO -

Links, log files, GSC and everything in between

Jon Myers

Links log files GSC and everything in between #BrightonSEO -

Q&A with Gary Illyes

Gary Illyes

QA Gary Illyes #BrightonSEO -

  1. trenvay says:

    Danke für die Mühe, die Sie gemacht haben, um das alles zusammenzutragen und aufzuschreiben. Viele Grüße und macht weiter so.

    Lg Tren

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