TestCon Europe 2022 – Conference Sketchnotes~ 1 min.

This year I have attended the TestCon Europe for the third time already – again via online participation, which I find really great as you don’t have to travel around. The conference organizers did a great job inviting speakers for different topics and the conference platform was really stable and had good technical quality.

I want to share my sketchnotes with you, as usual:

KEYNOTE: The Affordances of Quality – Steve Upton

The affordances of quality

To Measure or Not to Measure? That Is the Question. – Maryam Umar

To measure or not to measure - that is the question

Dirty Tests and How to Clean Them – Gil Zilberfeld

Dirty tests and how to clean them

Easier Adoption of Contract Testing With Bidirectional Contracts – Bas Dijkstra

Easier adoption of contract testing with bidirectional contracts

Panel Discussion | Quality Engineering – an Evolution of Software Quality as a Team Responsibility – Chris Miller, Nikolaj Tolkačiov, Rik Marselis

Quality Engineering - an evolution of software quality as a team responsibility

KEYNOTE: Testing: The Next Generation – Mike Talks

Testing - the next generation

Smoke Tests and Mirrors – The Magic in Test Automation – Benjamin Bischoff

Smoke tests and mirrora - the magic in test automation

The Road to Improving Testability – Darren Mothersele

The road to improved testability

The Secrets of the Pyramids – Martin Gijsen

The secrets of the pyramids

Panel Discussion | Future of Test Automation. – Eran Kinsbruner, Gil Zilberfeld, Guillaume Duquesnay, Jonathon Wright

Future of test automation

Expert Interview | Testing Legacy Code – What To Do When It Seems Untestable – Christopher Miller

Testing legacy code - what to do when it seems untestable

KEYNOTE: Quality Engineering Strategy to Grow From Testing to Built-in Quality – Rik Marselis

Quality Engineering strategy to grow from testing to built-in quality

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