TestCon Europe 2019 Sketchnotes~ 1 min.

Quality transformation

The TestCon Europe 2019 was the first conference that I attended via live stream. And what can I say: It was worth it. The streaming quality was amazing and the speakers and talks were really great. As I am a little busy at the moment, it suited me very well that I didn’t have to travel anywhere for the conference, which always takes two extra days. I would have liked to see what the atmosphere was at the venue directly and who the attendees were, but still, the content alone was worth attending. I have made sketchnotes of the talks that I have seen which you can find here:

Quality Transformation

Peter Caron

Quality transformation

Strategic TDD

Francesco Strazzullo

Strategic TDD

Better Continuous Testing in DevOps

Rod Cope

Better continuous testing in DevOps

Reporting Bugs: Errors Made and Lessons Learned

Peter Sabev

Reporting bugs - errors made and lessons learned

Evolution of QA to GA: The Sensu Go Crucible

Nikki Attea

Evolution of QA to GA - the Sensu Go QA Crucible

How to Practice Test Driven Development without Shooting Yourself in the Foot

Dennis Doomen

How to practice TDD without shooting yourself in the foot

From 0 to 100 000 Test Cases per Day, a Story about Scaling Test-Automation

Jani Haapala

From 0 to 100000 test cases per day - a story about scaling test automation

If the Users Can’t Use It, It Doesn’t Work

Rolf Molich

If the users cant use it, it doesnt work

You Can’t Be Agile If Your Testing Practices Suck

Peter Gfader

You cant be agile if your testing practices suck

Help! We Have a QA Problem!

Niels Malotaux

Help - we have a QA problem

Improving Software Quality with Retrospectives

Ben Linders

Improving software quality with retrospectives

Building a Test Strategy that Scales

Thomas Noë

Building a test strategy that scales

Can I Touch You There? Tools and Techniques for Security Testing

Milan Gabor

Can I touch you there - tools and techniques for security testing

Testing Software Architecture

Vladik Khononov

Testing software architecture

Why Testing is fundamentally different in DevOps than Classic Projects

Peter Gfader

Why testing is fundamentally different in DevOps than classic projects

Reasoning Skills within Software Testing

Andrew Brown

Reasoning skills within software testing

I hope you enjoyed my sketchnotes and hope that you will have a look at my blog every now and then to see more sketchnotes.

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