JS Nation 2019, Amsterdam Recap~ 1 min.

JS Nation Amsterdam 2019

The JS Nation 2019, formerly known as AmsterdamJS, is a one-day conference that takes place in Amsterdam. This year the conference had two tracks full with talks about everything JavaScript related. There were talks about topics like performance, testing and security. I enjoyed being there, the organising team seemed very well-prepared, the locations were awesome (a church and a synagogue) and the acoustic was amazing.

I managed to make sketchnotes of a lot of the talks and want to share them with you. If you would love to get them in a higher resolution or have any other question or comment, feel free to contact me.

Here are the sketchnotes of JS Nation 2019:


Kyle Simpson

Keynote JSNation Sketchnote

Securing the DOM from the Bottom Up

Krzysztof Kotowicz

Securing the DOM from the bottom up JSNation Sketchnote

Testing Tools and Their Friends

Gleb Bahmutov

Testing tools and their friends JSNation Sketchnote

What’s your backend written with? JavaScript?!

Christina Zenzens and Anna Backs

what is your backend written with - javascript JSNation Sketchnote

The Working Architecture of Node.js Applications

Viktor Turskyi

The working architecture of nodejs applications JSNation Sketchnote

Building Zero-Knowledge Backends

Matthias Dugue

Building zero-knowledge backends JSNation Sketchnote

Reinventing RxJS

Max Gallo

Reinventing RXJS JSNation Sketchnote

10 things I learned making the fastest JS server runtime in the world

Paulo Lopes

10 things I learned making the fast JS server runtime in the world JSNation Sketchnote

Error handling: doing it right!

Ruben Bridgewater

Error handling doing it right JSNation Sketchnote

Ready, Steady, Crash!

Katie Koschland

Ready steady crash JSNation Sketchnote

Automated Performance Testing With WebDriver

Christian Bromann

Automated performance testing with WebDriver JSNation Sketchnote


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