React Day Berlin 2019 Sketchnotes~ 1 min.

React Day Berlin 2019

I have already attended a conference organized by GitNation, the JSNation of this year. While being there I’ve learned that they also organize some React conferences. As I wanted to broaden my horizon a little, I decided to attend the React Day Berlin 2019. It was a conference with around 800 attendees about topics related to React. I’ve sketched the talks of the first part of day and would love to share the sketchnotes with you:

The Past, Present and Future of CSS-in-JS

Max Stoiber

The past present and future of CSS-in-JS

Compassion-Driven Development: Building Accessible React UI

Tae’lur Alexis

Compassion Driven Development - building accessible React UI

Performance anxiety with React

Jessica Leach

Performance anxiety with React

Decentralized React states – using IPFS to sync, store, and recover state

Andrew Hill

Decentralized React states - using IPFS to sync, store, and recover state

Data Visualizations and Internationalization

Naomi Meyer

Data visualization and internationalization

Lightning talks

Lightning Talks React Day Berlin 2019

GitNation Open Source Stage

Git Nation Open Source Stage

I’m not sure whether I will use React in the future or not – in my work-life as a tester I probably won’t, but maybe when I’ll get an idea for a private project. It definitely is a cool library to build user interfaces.

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