Testbash Manchester 2018 sketchnotes & recap~ 1 min.

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The Testbash Manchester 2018 is the first ever Testbash I attended. And what can I say – my expectations were met. I was lucky that I received one of the Ministry of Testing scholarships for, what I‘m really greatful about. I heard a lot about the Testbashes and followed attendees from other ones on Twitter to learn about what was happening there. The Ministry of Testing community is just awesome and the Testbashes are a place where you can meet in person in a very welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. I learned a lot of things and saw lots of awesome speakers during this single track conference. The quality of the talks at Testbash Manchester was very high. One great talk/speaker after another. I think my favorite talks were „Jedi Mind Tricks for Testers“ and „The Tester‘s 3 Cs“. But now let‘s have a look at my sketchnotes I did of all the talks!

Thunderstruck by Serverless

Conall Bennett

Thunderstruck by serverless sketchnote

Jedi Mind Tricks for Testers

Alex Schladebeck & Huib Schoots

Jedi mind tricks for testers sketchnote

Coaching Software Testing Using The GROW Model

Jose Lima

Coaching software testing using the grow model sketchnote

The Tester‘s 3 Cs: Criticism, Communication and Confidence

Dorothy Graham

The testers 3 cs criticism communication confidence sketchnote

The Final Frontier? Testing in Production

Marcel Gehlen & Benjamin Hofmann

The final frontier testing in production sketchnote

Spot the Difference: Automating Visual Regression Testing

Viv Richards

Spot the difference automating visual regression testing sketchnote

Mapping Biases to Testing

Maaike Brinkhof

Mapping biases to testing sketchnote

The Bittersweetness of Security Testing

Anne Oikarinen

The bittersweetness of security testing sketchnote

Recruiting for Potential

Lena Wiberg

Recruiting for potential sketchnote

As you can see there was quite a variety of topics at Testbash Manchester 2018 and some very well known speakers like Huib Schoots, Dorothy Graham or Alex Schladebeck. I would be happy to get to know about your experience and thoughts. So just leave a comment or send me a message (also if you need the sketchnotes in higher resolution)!

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