Monitorama EU AMS 2018~ 2 min.

Monitorama EU 2018

After 5 years there was finally another European version of the Monitorama conference, which took place in Amsterdam. The other version is the one in Portland, which takes place every year. I was very happy, when the European edition was announced, which made attending Monitorama possible for me.

I heard a lot about Monitorama already. My colleagues went to Portland and came back with lots of ideas on how to improve our monitoring. So – what is Monitorama all about? As you can imagine from the name, it is (almost) all about monitoring and observability. Trends, tools, experience reports about monitoring topics and more. But there are also some meta topics, like diversity in tech.

The special thing about Monitorama is that it is a single track conference. So you don’t miss any speakers and don’t have to change rooms. I really liked this, because now you didn’t have to choose between talks and could just attend all of them, without having the fear to miss something interesting.

I enjoyed the conference and got some new ideas and inspirations that I can take back with me to my daily work. If you want to know, what was going on at the Monitorama EU edition, you can have a look on my sketchnotes:


You don’t look like an Engineer

You dont look like an engineer #monitorama

Nagios, Sensu, Prometheus – Why a change of the framework does not change the mindset

Nagios sensu prometheus #monitorama

Is observability good for our brain? How about post-mortems?

Is observability good for our brain #monitorama

Unquantified Serendipity: Diversity in Development

Unquantified serendipity diversity in development #monitorama

How to build observability into a serverless application

How to build observability into a serverless application #monitorama

Monitoring what you don’t own

Monitoring what you dont own #monitorama

What the NTSB teaches us about incident management and postmortems

What the ntsb teaches us about incident management and postmortems #monitorama

A thousand and one postmortems: lessons learned from running complex systems at scale

1001 postmortems lessons learned from running complex systems at scale #monitorama


Prometheus for Practitioners: Migrating to Prometheus at Fastly

Prometheus for practitioners migrating to prometheus at fastly #monitorama

Rethinking UX for AI-driven Monitoring Tools

Rethinking ux for ai driven monitoring tools #monitorama

Building a monitoring strategy and gaining consensus

Building a monitoring strategy and gaining consensus #monitorama

Self-hosted and open-source time series analysis for your infrastructure

Self hosted open source time series analysis #monitorama

Monitoring Serverless Things

Monitoring serverless things #monitorama

How AI Helps Observe Decentralised Systems

How ai helps observe decentralised systems #monitorama

Incremental-decremental Methods For Real-Time Monitoring

Incremental decremental methods for real time monitoring #monitorama

As you can see, there are lots of different topics that the speakers were talking about. I hope you can get some insights with the help of my sketchnotes and I would like to get to know about your opinion and insights. Also: let me know if you need the Monitorama sketchnotes in a higher resolution.

  1. Annie says:

    Hi there! Your sketch notes are AMAZING!!!

    1. Katja says:

      Thank you, Annie 🙂

  2. Jason Dixon says:

    Thank you again for attending Monitorama EU and for capturing the experience through your sketches. It was entirely unexpected and a huge honor for me to have this happen at one of our little events. 💕

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